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Wood-plastic solutions

Product  Application
PVC Foamed profile
WPC wood plastic products
PVC Foam board
SPC/WPC floor
Foaming agent - A perfect representation of density and cell
Lubrication - Makes extrusion smoother
Processing Aids - Pursuit of perfect plasticization, modified high-quality products
Flake calcium zinc stabilizer - one step synthesis, dust - free and efficient
Product Advantage

Flake calcium zinc stabilizer - one step synthesis, dust free high efficiency
It is made of zinc oxide, calcium hydroxide, stearic acid, antioxidant, hydrotalcite, dispersant, DBM, OPE wax and other products through complex synthetic reactions. Different from the traditional powder form calcium zinc stabilizer on the market, it is high in efficiency, dust free and environmental friendly.
Foaming agent - Perfect presentation of density and cell structure.
Characterises in stability between batches, good dispersion, hard to get agglomerate and damp, stable and safe in storage. We can adjust the decomposition temperature range, gas release volumn and rate to meet different production requirements so as to get a foam agent  with better cost performance and adaptability.
Lubricant - Makes extrusion smoother
Reduce friction between molecules, improve fluidity and promote plasticization
Internal and external lubrication balanced, lessor inhibition of foam, good dispersion demould effect, prolonged production cycle,
excellent dispersion and processing flow, with higher production efficiency
Plastic for wood - WPC production and formula overall solution
In order to meet the needs of different customers, the company has introduced advanced pelleting equipment, integrated purchase channels, optimized the formula and production process, developed a variety of Eco-wood pellets and wood grain pellets. The production process of ownstream customer are therefore simplified.
24 - hour technical support - on-site production guide
Backed by joint laboratory with Qingdao Science and Technology University, product property optimization and upgrade with increase production yield became practicle. Our complete pre-sales and after-sales team are ready to serve at 24 hours.
Processing Aids - Pursuit perfect plasticization- Modification for high quality products
Good processing performance, fast plasticizing, smoothy and shiney surface finishing, larger molecular & viscosity, high melt strength, stable quality, easy to operate, cost-effective, promote plasticization, good processing capability.
Integrated Solution for Rubber, Plastic Foam and WPC
PVC rigid foam and WPC formula one-stop supplier
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