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Since its establishment, Qingdao Jabetter has always paid attention to its R & D facilities improvement, continuously strives for research upgrade and laboratory modernization as well as the building up of an experienced R&D team in the industry. In creating a pilot industrialization bases of special PVC additives, lubricating and dispersing systems processing additives, Jabetter is making its own contribution to the development of PVC, WPC plastic and rubber industry of China

Joint R&D Center with
Qingdao Science & Technology University
Research & Development center

The company's laboratory is a research and development testing center for innovative product development, product performance evaluation and testing and application process simulation. It can carry out targeted product innovation according to different needs of customers, optimize performance, simulate and track the performance of additives in WP processing use advanced experimental equipment, so as to provide better services to the production enterprises of WPC. Through testing various physical properties of the product (softening point, viscosity, penetration, density, acid value, melting point, amine value, color value, etc.), characteristics and differentiation are proved and  referential data are taken during product development and process quality control.


Joint laboratory

To escort product quality with R&D quality inspection and various professional certifications

The joint laboratory with Polymer College of Qingdao University of Science and Technology is equipped with advanced experimental equipment, including Harper rheometer, open mill, stretcher, DIC, extruder, color difference meter as well as various glass instrument reagent combinations for measuring of moisture, ash, viscosity, gas volume, static thermal stabilization time, etc. The lab is equipped to perform various evaluations, quality inspections to secure the product quality and stability. Targeted product innovation and optimize performance could also be carried out according to the different needs of customers..

Research and development center
Engineer Introduction
Jijun Xu
General manager Senior engineer
Graduated from Qingdao university of science and technology, majored in polymer, has worked in PVC additive industry for nearly 20 years, focusing on the r&d and innovation of PVC calcium and zinc stabilizer, and having rich experience in wood-plastic formulation technology and color matching. Actively respond to the national One Belt And One Road strategy, lead the team to explore the international market, to provide technical services and quality product solutions for customers at home and abroad!
Peiqing Li Senior plastic processing engineer
Has more than 10 years of manufacturing experience and management experience, familiar with PVC, PE and other plastic molding processing technology, proficient in foam products, the formulation and process of plastic products, particularly of WPC, SPC floor deep studies, is dedicated to all levels of customers at home and abroad product upgrading, processing process improvement, deeply the general customers consistent high praise.
Xiaogang Wen Senior technical director
Since 2003, I have been engaged in the production management and technical guidance of gusset plate, line, pipe and other industries in many companies. Since 2016, I have been engaged in the technical guidance of production of PE wood-plastic, integrated wallboard, gusset plate and rigid PVC, proficient in technical process and equipment debugging, proficient in the production operation of granulator, single screw and cone double screw, proficient in the whole process of wood-plastic foaming and rigid PVC gusset plate, integrated wallboard, foaming door frame and door plate.
Zheng Gang Senior engineer
Graduated from the polymer materials and engineering major of Qingdao university of science and technology, has been engaged in plastic extrusion related project research for many years, senior engineer, proficient in the whole process of foaming board, building templates, wall panels and other products technology, now responsible for the company's product innovation, quality improvement and new product development final test.
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About us Qingdao Jabetter was established in 2009, the new material company has the advanced r&d equipment and a number of senior professional and technical personnel and experienced technical service team, with the Qingdao university of science and technology institute of polymer establish long-term technical cooperation, the company has advanced r&d equipment and a number of senior professional and technical personnel and experienced technical service team, we are not the only agent all kinds of raw materials suppliers, and PVC rigid foam technology, wood and plastic formula and color of the server.
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