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PVC processing AIDS and PVC foam regulator where is the difference?

Issuing time:2019-12-05 00:00

PVC processing Aids and PVC foam regulator where is the difference

With the continuous development of economy, the actual demand for PVC processing additives in the industry continues to increase, and its performance is very prominent. The application in the field of industrial production is more and more extensive. But how much do people know about the difference between PVC processing AIDS and PVC foaming regulators?

Let's listen to the industry experts for your detailed introduction. PVC processing additives and PVC foam regulator these two words from the literal difference is not big, but in essence there is no difference? Is such, PVC foaming regulator is actually PVC processing agent products, in our PVC material processing, often need to add a series of PVC processing agent products, including PVC foaming regulator.

PVC processing AIDS contain a variety of products, such as: plasticizer, stabilizer, pigment and so on, therefore, PVC foam regulator is a PVC processing AIDS. From the present PVC processing market, PVC foam regulator utilization rate is very large. PVC foaming regulator is used in PVC materials to do foamization effect of the use of PVC processing AIDS,PVC materials in the use of the need to do foaming processing,PVC materials in the foaming quality and quantity of foaming processing of PVC materials into finished products after the quality and performance can play a certain role. PVC foaming regulator when using need to look for the brand, look for the product performance, what kind of PVC material add what kind of PVC processing AIDS, because processing AIDS brand is in line with PVC material, USES the related brand of PVC processing AIDS, again on the dose of grasp well sure, when we are in the processing of PVC products, quality and atomization effect will be better. The molecular weight of PVC processing aid is related to the atomization effect during processing. Therefore, we are doing PVC processing AIDS, choose not only to choose high-quality PVC processing AIDS, but also to choose the grade of PVC processing AIDS, to ensure safety. Because if in the selection of PVC processing additives, the selection of additives products do not meet the standards, there will be the phenomenon of waste, greatly increased the processing cost. We must choose high quality PVC processing AIDS when purchasing. Of course, there are also many inferior PVC processing auxiliary agent products on the market to fill the market, so in the choice we want to choose the regular manufacturers of PVC processing auxiliary agent products.

As a regional specialized is engaged in production of various types of processing aid product research and development institutions, professional r &d and production manufacturer in different kinds of PVC processing aid product has a very rich experience, thus its processing aid products are superior in quality, performance and the actual effect is very outstanding, has been widely used in the actual industrial production in the field of application, and are well received by the industry, also because of this, it can become the most reliable processing aid product supply agencies.

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