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The processing of wood - plastic materials is more difficult than ordinary plastic products

Issuing time:2020-01-08 12:12

Follow all over the use of waste plastic recovery is becoming more and more attention as well as the shortage of wood resources, wood powder or other natural plant fiber to fill plastic reworked material, by special equipment made of plastic wood materials and finished products, because of its two layers of characteristics of both plastic and wood, barb, over the years and gradually became the world popular attention and development.

But through a few years of development, the wood plastic materials in the domestic production of the use of the situation is not, on the one hand research results industrialization is difficult, and on the other hand wood plastic materials production companies sell is not free. Why does wood - plastic material, a promising new source of environmental protection, become a big hit?

Through several years of development and use found that wood plastic material processing than the general plastic finished products difficult, high request. At present, most of the domestic skills come from the digestion and absorption of foreign skills information. Although some achievements have been made, there is still a lot of work to be done in industrial use.

And some production companies only see the prospect of replacing wood with plastic, and ignore other questions, processing equipment, technical skills are not up to the request, the level of goods; A small number of companies produce molding limited wood-plastic packaging materials, because of the small proportion of wood fill, high cost, less competitive market. Therefore, with the expansion of the use of the field, how to further improve the function of wood-plastic materials has become the main point of scientific research and development, the improvement of wood-plastic materials production technology, the development of special equipment and the selection of additives, also need to further strengthen the discussion.

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